Sunday, November 23, 2008

General Purpose Podcast BONUS: The Future Soon (Jonathan Coulton Cover)

We interrupt this regularly scheduled program for a little bonus.

Take my 13-year-old son, have him sing a Jonathan Coulton song about adolescence, love, and robot armies. Screw around with it. Listen to the results. Add some tracks. Screw with it some more. Add some cowbell. Then, since it is already incredibly screwed-with, screw with it one more time. Finally, it seems right! So here it is. Isaac sings the main vocal line, although his voice is Cher-ized and heavily processed. There is a scratch vocal track of mine in there, but it is beaten to a pulp. Then, an sweet and mellow acoustic guitar turned into something not so sweet, and a fretless bass that grew tentacles and tried to strangle me as I mixed it.

MP3 File

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