Wednesday, January 26, 2011

GPP 029: Lost in Thought, Part Two

Paul's rambling continues as he talks about life in Saginaw, the changes over the past year, the financial realities of his new living situation, health care, and the recession's effect on the life as a worker. In the second half of part two, he muses further on censorship, what it means to write from the imagination, and whether pundits are to blame for fomenting violence.

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The picture is a Google Earth image of U.S. 127 and Colony Road in Michigan, where I came across a row of collapsing trees. In winter, against the blowing snow, the view was much more striking, and I regret that I did not have my camera on hand (although perhaps it was best that I did not have even more to distract me from actually staying on the road).

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

GPP 028: Lost in Thought, Part One

On a snowy January morning Paul wanders around the state of Michigan, occasionally getting lost on the road, as well as lost in thought. In part one, he rambles for a while about Sean Hurley's podcast story "The Rule Book and Calendar of Kittery Embers," Around the 12 minute mark he eventually settles into describing an encounter with a group of citizens that starts out with the tired questions about Obama's birth certificate. It was just like socializing with a group of friends at a bar. Except that they were strangers. And it was a grocery store. And a little tense. It's a long story. When I use the phrase "to digress just a little bit," I'm digressing a lot. I start on a rant about American manufacturing -- more specifically, the lack thereof.

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The Lenox utility knife I discuss can be found here:

I don't recall the details of the utility knife Menard's was promotionally pricing for free with rebate, but it may have been a "MasterForce" brand knife that goes for $6.99.

On the subject of Obama's birth certificate:

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And for why this debate just isn't dying and probably won't die: