Saturday, February 5, 2011

GPP 032: Bunny Beans, Boddhisattvas, and Tall Dwarfs

In which Grace and I chat about the Groundhog Day Blizzard, the week in viruses, the state of our life in Saginaw, our son Sam, and whether she and Joshua might secretly be very tall dwarfs.

Bunny Beans!

We neglect to mention it in the audio, but Sam eventually received a formal diagnosis of mild autism. Grace's angry e-mails to various persons in authority in Ann Arbor have gone unanswered.

I suppose that language may not be considered fully politically correct by persons of short stature. I can only say in my defense that if Joshua does turn out to be a little person, we will continue to cherish and love him every day as we send him deep into the earth to mine mithril, and nervously hope that he doesn't delve too deep and awaken a Balrog.

The Indian restaurant whose name we struggled to remember is the "Kabob N Curry House" on Bay Road in Saginaw. Their food is excellent and seems to be made mostly in-house, the staff is extremely polite and friendly, and while it is not a low-cost restaurant, the value for money is very high. Their dining room hours are limited so call ahead (they don't serve lunch on Saturday, as we found). Try their mango lassi while you are waiting for your appetizers!

The P√Ętisserie, the bakery we mentioned with the incredible cakes and pastries and the utterly indifferent coffee and tea, can be found online here.

The interstitial music consists of some fragments of the song "Crush" by the Tall Dwarfs, for obvious reasons.

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