Wednesday, April 6, 2011

GPP 040: Mushrooms and Mayhem

A conversation with Grace at Panda House over bean curd and mushrooms. We talk about some topics of local interest: the Building the Ark program, brownfields and historic buildings in Saginaw, modern slave quarters, preservation, and the uneasy relationship between the city and the townships. From there, we branch out to the devolution of rural Michigan from forests, to farms, to prisons. Finally, we wind up talking current politics, and the situation with the Fukushima nuclear reactors in Japan and nuclear energy in general.

I've lowered the MP3 encoding to 160kbps to keep file sizes a little more manageable, hopefully without doing too much damage to the audio quality.

MP3 File

Although I don't really like participating in economic disaster tourism, here are some of the historic "modern slave quarters" buildings Grace and I spoke about:

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If that code doesn't work in your browser, here are some direct links:

View One

View Two

View Three

The Potter Street Station:

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Again, if that code above doesn't work in your browser, here's a direct link to the location.

And speaking of disaster tourism:

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Alternate Link.

Update: a friend of mine pointed me at these pictures of preserved historic slave quarters.

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