Sunday, April 10, 2011

GPP 041: Three Short Sketches

I don't get a lot of time to work on my own original fiction, poetry, or music, but here is a small creative project. Each piece is one page long. Piece 1 started out as a blank page and a calligraphy pen while Isaac took a Hapkido lesson and I stared out the window at wet snow dumping onto Saginaw yet again. I had no idea where it was going when I began, and did not edit or correct it in any way as I went along. Piece 2 started out life in an e-mail message I wrote to Sean Hurley during a lunch break while at the Ann Arbor office of my employer; I made only a few minor changes when I transcribed it onto the page. Piece 3 was again written in one draft with the calligraphy pen, although with this one I had a vague idea of the concept at the outset. They have no titles.

Coincidentally, 41 is also about the number of minutes I was able to put into actually recording and producing the piece this morning before the crying and/or screaming kids made any more work impossible. The background sounds come from three of the "warped" presets for Logic Audio's Sculpture hybrid modeling synthesizer.

MP3 File

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