Wednesday, June 29, 2011

GPP 054: Regarding a Car

In which Grace and I talk about our unfortunately unreliably Honda Odyssey and the perils of trying to spend more to get a more reliable car.

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GPP 053: A Conversation with Meredith Matthews

Ms. Matthews is a kindred spirit in that she has a lifelong fascination with audio. She produces the Braindouche podcast. Unlike most of my online friend and fellow podcasters, I've actually met Mer and her partner Dani in person. They are, both of them, all kinds of awesome. We had only a short visit to their home in Pottstown but we sang Jonathan Coulton songs while I played the guitar, our kids ran around their yard, and it was great fun.

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Show notes: Ms. Matthews has a new album of ambient music; information here. She does web development; information here. She has recommended to me a program called Ambient. I will endeavor to find links to her other blogs and music tools as soon as I can.

Friday, June 24, 2011

GPP 052: Catching Up with Sean Hurley

In which Sean and I have another extended chat, this time a bit more relaxed. We talk about Sean's second play, getting feedback, my new song, how to make songs, singing, Stargate Universe, and lots of other stuff.

Warning: it's long. Almost two hours!

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Oh yeah, my song that he and I spoke about. Here it is on BandCamp. There's also a video on Vimeo.

There isn't a video for Sean's play _Listen, Pray, Make Room_ or I'd link to it, but Sean's feed of current stuff is here. You can subscribe to the almost-complete subscription-only project he's producing now and get access to the whole Atoms, Motion and the Void episodes 40-45 and all the associated songs and audio bits and pieces -- take a look at this.

More show notes later...

Saturday, June 18, 2011

GPP 051: SpinTunes Epic Fail

In which I apologize for my failure to get a song recorded for SpinTunes 3 Round 1.

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