Monday, July 4, 2011

GPP 055: A Conversation with Joe "Covenant" Lamb (Recorded 30 March 2011)

This one is out of sequence. I had this conversation with Joe Back in March, when it was going to be episode 40. When Joe sent me his side of the audio we discovered that it was full of dropouts; his audio had dozens of short dropouts so that his side sounded at times like someone rapidly spinning a radio dial, and as a result over the course of the interview his side became several minutes out of sync with my side. That was frustrating and I thought the conversation was likely a lost cause, but I set it aside to try to salvage when I had time.

I have a 3-day weekend for the Fourth of July holiday, so an all-nighter seemed feasible. I listened some more and determined that the glitches mostly came in bursts, and that there were long stretches of usable audio. Six hours of tedious editing later, I have most of our conversation put back together. You may notice the timing of our interactions here and there is a little bit off, and that Joe seems to go silent for an extended period of time once in a while, or that occasionally his audio glitches. Now you understand why. I did what I could, and I'm glad I could save most of it.

Length note: even with a few minutes lost, this interview is two and a half hours long!

MP3 File

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