Monday, October 31, 2011

GPP 076: A Conversation with Denise Hudson

My chat with Denise, annotated with bits and pieces of (mostly) Denise's music.

MP3 File

These are the songs I include bits and pieces of:

Duality - Something Very Horrible (Bluebeard's Lament) (First Tweaked Version)

Denise Hudson - The Travis Norris Watermelon Challenge Classic

Denise Hudson - Anna's Gerbil and the Singularity

Common Lisp - War Criminal

Denise Hudson - A piece of Denise's unreleased Rhodes piano part from a rough draft of my song Peabody's Lament

Denise Hudson - Spanish Lessons

Denise Hudson - Invisible Girl

Common Lisp - Leaving Ann Arbor

Denise Hudson - Piranha Dance

Denise Hudson - Blue

Duality - Taco Trials Take 2 (Time for Tacos)

Note that "Piranha Dance" (I stuck a bit of this song in the podcast) is not the "rap about a Piranha" Denise spoke about. UPDATE: the rap is called "First Blood" and you can find it here: (Note that there are two versions. Thanks to Denise, Emperor Gum, and Noah McLaughlin for the info, and sorry I don't check comments more often!)

Denise's blog --

Her Bandcamp page --

On YouTube:

On Twitter:

Friday, October 21, 2011

GPP 075: Phillip Blond's Radical Conservatism, Part 4

The Q&A portion of Phillip Blond's talk at MSU.

MP3 File

GPP 074: Phillip Blond's Radical Conservative Vision, Part 3

The formal talk at MSU by Phillip Blond, entitled "The Broken Society vs. the Big Society." It may be hard to follow without the PowerPoint slides; I'll see if I can provide a link to a video version if one becomes available.

MP3 File

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

GPP 073: Phillip Blond's Radical Conservative Vision, Part 2

Part 2 is the conclusion of the informal chat. This piece is shorter, at about 20 minutes.

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GPP 072: Phillip Blond's Radical Conservative Vision, Part 1

Grace and I were fortunate enough to hear Philip Blond speak at Michigan State University on Monday, 17 October 2011. We were able to spend a large part of the day with him, both in a small table discussion and a larger talk before students in an auditorium setting. This is part one of an informal press conference he had with a small group; I captured it with his permission. The conversation with Blond is preceded by a conversation Grace and I recorded while driving back to Saginaw that evening, which I have included as a sort of introduction. Phillip Blond's Q&A starts at the 18 minute mark, if you'd prefer to skip ahead.

Unfortunately I did not get my recorder set up in time to capture his initial comments, which comprised his reaction to a quick driving tour around Detroit, although some of his response is mentioned in the "urban homesteading" idea he brings up later. I am ending this part at the point where I had to change the batteries in my recorder; I'll pick it up in part two. Mind the gap. Fortunately, it was only a moment or two.

Part One MP3 File

Part Two MP3 File

Part Three MP3 File

Part Four MP3 File

In the introductory segment, Grace and I talk about minimum wage. I think at my first part-time landscaping job, when I was 13 or 14, I may have earned $3.10/hr, which was raised to $3.35. See this table of historic federal minimum wages.

Note that current minimum wage is $7.25, so the hypothetical $7/hr job we discussed must have been $7.25. It is a minimum-wage job; in real wages, and relative to the poverty line, this is actually less than it was in 1981; see this chart.

GPP 071: Splitting Wood

In which I split firewood in my backyard, sing to myself, listen to the kids, and talk a little bit about the emerald ash borer.

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Update: I've shot some video and adapted this little piece into a video on Vimeo.

Monday, October 3, 2011

GPP 070: Gallbladder Season, Part 4

The aftermath. It seems to finally be over, except for the rest of the fall Grace will need to spend recuperating.

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GPP 069: Gallbladder Season, Part 3

Grace is released from the hospital. Includes Paul's complete "Gallbladder Season" essay.

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