Monday, October 31, 2011

GPP 076: A Conversation with Denise Hudson

My chat with Denise, annotated with bits and pieces of (mostly) Denise's music.

MP3 File

These are the songs I include bits and pieces of:

Duality - Something Very Horrible (Bluebeard's Lament) (First Tweaked Version)

Denise Hudson - The Travis Norris Watermelon Challenge Classic

Denise Hudson - Anna's Gerbil and the Singularity

Common Lisp - War Criminal

Denise Hudson - A piece of Denise's unreleased Rhodes piano part from a rough draft of my song Peabody's Lament

Denise Hudson - Spanish Lessons

Denise Hudson - Invisible Girl

Common Lisp - Leaving Ann Arbor

Denise Hudson - Piranha Dance

Denise Hudson - Blue

Duality - Taco Trials Take 2 (Time for Tacos)

Note that "Piranha Dance" (I stuck a bit of this song in the podcast) is not the "rap about a Piranha" Denise spoke about. UPDATE: the rap is called "First Blood" and you can find it here: (Note that there are two versions. Thanks to Denise, Emperor Gum, and Noah McLaughlin for the info, and sorry I don't check comments more often!)

Denise's blog --

Her Bandcamp page --

On YouTube:

On Twitter:


Emperor Gum said...

Good podcast as always. The song is called 'First Blood':

noah mclaughlin said...

The "Piranha Rap" is called "First Blood" and hear it is:

chris said...

I finally listened to this podcast. I can't believe it held my attention from start to finish, but it did and I was quite entertained and smiled a lot. I now know why Dee is always checking out my calves, lol.
Good job you two. Now if you will excuse me, I suddenly find myself hungry for tacos.
Billy & The Psychotics