Thursday, December 8, 2011

GPP 078: The Race Talk, Part 1 of N

I've been wanting for a long time to get Grace engaged in a talk about race. This is a sort of opener, in which we talk about segregation, schools, and a bit about being a bi-racial couple. I'm calling this "Part 1 of N" because I'm hoping to have some related follow-on conversations, perhaps with other people in the mix, and I have no idea how many parts might eventually be involved.

I'm using a new preamp that allows me to record with a pair of tiny clip-on microphones instead of the recorder's built-in microphones. The idea is that our voices should easier to hear over the ambient audio, as the microphones are closer to our mouths. But in this case we were still in a moderately noisy pub, so there is a lot of background sound, and just EQ'ing the audio to emphasize our voices doesn't really help much. After the first few minutes it gets a little less noisy, although the eighties music continues painfully unabated.

MP3 File

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