Wednesday, January 11, 2012

GPP 099 - A Conversation with Rich Wielgosz

Rich is an audio engineer living in New York state. We rambled about music, mastering, pear cider, curling, being somewhere "on the spectrum," Rich's old podcast, and other topics.

Fair warning - this is a long chat. Even edited down a bit, it still rambles for about an hour and 40 minutes. If you have a strong opinion as to whether I should break up this sort of long conversation into parts, or leave them as-is, I'd be happy to hear it; I don't have a good sense for that. To me, when I listen to podcasts, it doesn't matter that much; I generally listen as background to some other work, and I can always pause it and pick it up later, and iTunes remembers where I left off.

The audio from Rich's side is not great. I used some processing to smooth it out a bit but, but he was talking into (I think) his laptop's built-in microphone. If we have conversations in the future, which seems likely, he'll make a much better recording of his side. Also, I'm not quite sure why it sounds like I was shouting the whole time. I think it has something to do with a change to Skype, where it will no longer play the local audio (from my microphone) through my headphones while I'm on a call. I don't know why that changed but it is really annoying and Skype technical support was no help at all.

MP3 File

Update: fixed the spelling of his name (head, meet desk).

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