Monday, October 15, 2012

Introducing the Grace and Paul Pottscast

A New Feed

I am setting up an additional feed to contain a series of long-form, uncensored, unedited conversations with my wife Rebekah Grace Potts, recorded in my home studio.

I'm splitting this off because it doesn't feel like it should be a part of the more free-form General Purpose Podcast feed. I chose the "general purpose" name because I really wanted to be free to include a wide variety of sound files including monologues, dialogues, conversations, ambient recordings, bits and pieces of music, and sound collages that express things I'm not able to put into words or music.

That back-catalog of content includes some conversations with Grace, but the mix of content mostly reflects my interests and personality. The intent with this new feed is to highlight specifically new conversations with Grace, featuring her interests, areas where our interests overlap, and perhaps guests, either recorded live in the studio or via Skype.

New Podcast Feed (note: use this link for iTunes or other pod-catcher software; this is not the link to the MP3 file).

Conversation 1: October 6, 2012

Part one: It's true, Paul raps; man-cave studio upgrades; Bloodthirsty Vegetarians; the 2012 presidential election; Jill Stein; Joe Shriner; playing electoral Stratego; the lesser of two weevils; life under Romney; Obamacare; the terrors of for-profit health care; death panels, triage, and end-of-life care.

Break 1: Paul plays the guitar part for Jonathan Coulton's song "I Crush Everything."

Part two: end-of-life decision making, continued; they will abuse your corpse for money; the single-preyer system; food stamps as corporate giveaway; seeds for victory; food deserts; the poor as bogeyman; the southern strategy; you have to pay your darkies now; using race to manipulate politics; the house nigger can't get uppity; Obama's debate performance; disqualified for black rage; fried chicken in Camp Delta; Clinton, the first black president; my parents were married at one time; gratitude; everything sucks; Grace makes jokes.

Break 2: Paul plays the guitar part for Jonathan Coulton's song "Nemeses."

Part three: PBS as a conservative community value; Sesame Street as radical culture; Elmo in loco parentis; Ren and Stimpy is not for your four-year-old; if you have ads, then you have to please your advertisers; giving your kids up to the Red Chinese; Big Bird's drumsticks pack a lot of meat; sorry kids, your parents should have made more money; when the Mormon church became mainstream; Christians get a say in what makes a Christian; Mitt Romney is proud of his faith; the creeds; I am not a nuclear physicist, despite my degree in English; baptizing our dead slaves; Rosa sat so Martin could walk so Obama could run; never forgetting and never remembering; desegregation and fixing racism; separate but equal at least means equal; the Maafa; dismembering families for fun and profit; there will be a test; bye!

MP3 File

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