Sunday, October 21, 2012

The Grace and Paul Pottscast, Conversation 2: October 20, 2012

Topics: our 11th wedding anniversary; remembering wombat Chelsea Clinton; the damp gets into our old bones; the joys of fireplaces; food stamps as corporate giveaway, revisited; entitlement programs as wealth transfers to corporations, not to people; everyone has skin in the game; you can't tax that dollar again; Fort Knox; money is loaned into existence; money as life-blood; stagnant pools of money; the Founders on aristocracy; these aren't the job creators you're looking for; stimulus-funded construction projects; Solyndra; the jobs bill; why stimulus can't get people out of poverty; what an asset stimulus might look like; adding one employee to a thousand businesses, as opposed to a thousand employees to one business; diversifying and specializing; apprenticeships and internships; skills that pay; NAFTA as the root of our immigration problem; exporting poverty and wealth transfer; invisible workers; what you have that Australia doesn't already have; you can't eat the asset; Strong Towns book giveaway (send us your mailing address for a free copy).

Closing music: Paul improvises on the mighty Yamaha DX-7, accompanied by his iPod.

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More information about how money is loaned into existence; The New New Deal book; The New York Review of Books article (you must be a subscriber to read the whole thing); the jobs bill (full text PDF): American Jobs Act - The White HouseWhite House summary; summary; DailyKOS summaryForbes summary.

We reference some subjects that I have covered in previous General Purpose Podcasts: Philip Blond; a previous rant recorded after the S&P Debt Downgrade; a panel discussion on Reagan's Eighth Term; the Building the Ark program.

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