Monday, October 29, 2012

The Grace and Paul Pottscast, Conversation 3: October 28, 2012

This episode is assembled from a chat in front of our fireplace on October 28th, and a walk through the neighborhood on October 25th.

Topics: the Michigan ballot; optical scan ballots; third parties; reviewing our Saginaw ballot; partisan and non-partisan; the proposals; the Michigan emergency manager law; the tragedy of Benton Harbor; how proposals are worded in confusing ways; the constitutional amendment to allow collective bargaining; how the emergency manager law started out as a Democratic law; the new renewable energy amendment proposal; proposals written as amendments; it works in Iowa; collective bargaining for  home-care workers; SEIU and the back-story; a proposal to place limits on taxes; legislators voting themselves raises; the weirdly specific bridge-to-Canada proposal; doing the regular state business by constitutional amendment as symptom of a broken political process; millages; segue into our outdoor walk; the state of our garden; land taxes as a mechanism for reversing urban decline; voter suppression; shucking and jiving; racist language; home-schooling; education; being an auto-didact; eulogy for Wendell Taylor Sr.; returning from the recording of our walk; racist political language redux; our endless toxic election season; phony centrism; conspiracy theories and the search for truth about the Benghazi attack; the theory that we were arming the Syrian resistance; Romney would do the same thing but louder and whiter; the cowardly left; both sides aren't psychotic, but both sides are delusional hypocrites; calling Obama a "house nigger"; a whole rich stew of meaning; Uncle Tom's White House; JFK got uppity; the man of the house; poking the hornet's nest; holding your President to his promises.

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