Sunday, November 11, 2012

The Grace and Paul Pottscast, Conversation 4: November 10, 2012

A studio recording with Grace on the evening of Saturday, November 10, 2012.

Topics: new headphones; the Birch Run outlet mall and its surreal land use; lost in darkened parking lots the size of football fields; there's a point to this story somewhere; The Death of King Arthur, the Immortal Legend by Sir Thomas Malory and Peter Ackroyd; the cost of an outlet mall; Land of the Lost: sophisticated science fiction for the most discerning children in pajamas; post-nasal drip and the virtues of bourbon for sinus infections; toilet paper by the 48-pack; this conversation is really boring; our great local music store; our real topic for today -- whether to support or boycott local businesses because or despite the fact that they express their political and cultural opinions; pastries and purple flags; Robomney in effigy; rainbow stickers; abortion arguments; the Borders boycott; taking things personally; the Corporate Malfeasance chant; walking the picket line; I can't have that sign in my window; expressing who you really are; Paul can't stay focused for some reason (could it be the BOURBON, by chance?); boycotting chain stores in general; the Ace Hardware and IGA model; Chik-fil-a revisited; let's fire some peasants; nothing actually changed on election day; fire the guy driving the Volvo; the fiscal cliff; raising taxes; the election aftermath; winding down; eat the hell out of those pastries; living with people is uncomfortable; celebratory drone strikes; watching the election results in the company of our fellow citizens; the local drinking establishments; Mr. Rove demands a recount; what we expected; voter suppression; examining the results; gerrymandering; mild relief; underwhelming schadenfreude; a white-hot ball of rage.

Closing song: Leaving Ann Arbor by Common Lisp (Paul R. Potts) (warning: NSFW language).

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