Friday, December 7, 2012

The Grace and Paul Pottscast, Conversation 5: December 6, 2012

A studio recording with Grace on the evening of Friday, December 6, 2012.

I haven't been able to record in a while as my voice has been short due to a sore throat, but it's mostly better, so here we are. This is a long one! Well over two hours. I guess we were making up for lost time.

Topics: We're back; A Storm of Swords (the TV show, season one); getting bogged down in book three of A Song of Ice and Fire; it's not going anywhere: Daenarys Targaryen may never actually conquer Westeros; Paul continues to beat the subject to its death in a positively Martinesque fashion; the Anti-Choice Hate Fest concept; my 2K: the effect of tax increases on the middle class; taxes as broken windows; your money must be destroyed; hoarded money and the failure to invest; waiting for a fire sale on assets and labor; oh yes, it can indeed all get worse; partisan numbskulls and personal attacks; straw-man arguments about taking all the billionaires' money; marginal tax rates and our total tax burden; this isn't the crisis you're looking for; actual solutions to fund our priorities; progressive responses to recession and depression as a series of compromises and capitulations; estates and dynasties; the majority is not conservative; watching Republican heads explode; a brief, shining Tea Party moment; finding common ground; widening the range of rational discourse; getting our talking points on; epistemic closure, ritual purification, and MSDNC (lean corporate!); the conservative circular firing squad; the Republican assault on unions in Michigan; punishing workers who work for their equitable share; "right to work" and freedom of association; union "thugs" and "goons"; there wasn't even a mosh pit; the Brooks Brothers riot and paid operatives; cutting off our noses to spite our faces; "make the best quality of goods possible at the lowest cost possible, paying the highest wages possible"; owning your job; employees as slaves; 70,000 rolls of toilet paper; Macs to be made in the United States; getting back to the future of manufacturing; the brave new world of low wages; old Bob Dole is sad; Rick Santorum's new gig; Boehner's purge; the creme de la creme DeMint; Stephen Colbert is ready; Mitch McConnell filibusters himself; the 300th drone strike in Pakistan; it got better.