Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Grace and Paul Pottscast, Conversation 7: April 16, 2013

A walking conversation on a spring day about how modern conservatism is really just mean-spirited liberalism.

In this episode: Mr. Talky-talk; the eggs are piling up; at least the kids don't have lead poisoning, ha ha ha sob; WIC food; health coverage; 3 inches of rain; conservatives as mean-spirited liberals; Grace talks about the conservative and liberal traditions; freedom and responsibility; you don't actually want a conservative amount of sex or a liberal amount of arsenic; what a truly liberal food safety net would actually look like; neoliberalism; packaged and processed food; quantity over quality; the opposite of elitism; insistence on quality as a fundamentally conservative value; a clean diet for the rich and processed starches for the poor; CSAs; cow's milk; breastfeeding; there is no low-fat goat's milk to be found in Saginaw county; it's not about calories; eating whole foods; juices; the WIC rationale; what a truly conservative food safety net would actually look like; someone stole our rocks and our trash can; the modern year-round CSA; driving a market; the WIC training class at Wal-Mart; Grace's homework assignment; learning the basics; I'm not ungrateful; life skills; nobody should be grateful for toxic garbage; giving your first fruits; what we're really grateful for; it's not a gift; our social investments and what we get back from them; investing in skills; getting our teenager launched; education in Belgium; dignity written on our butts; investing in people; Barack Obama has a student loan to offer Paul.

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