Friday, March 22, 2013

The Grace and Paul Pottscast, Conversation 6: March 15, 2013

Audio for this conversation is of reduced quality because it was recorded with an Olympus LS-10 digital recorder in our car, while driving.

Part one: sixty-nine in two miles; the job of no job; the company that cried wolf; requiem for a job; investing in your employees; a difficult position; working from home; job search strategies; outsourced human resources; screening applicants with blunt instruments; wage slavery; they don't pay you out of altruism; being angry at a building; jaundiced eye for the software guy; the whip in the overseer's hand; cracking the health care nut; not having a job is a full-time job; what I'd like to do now; the gym as therapy; planning for both the best- and worst-case scenarios; unemployment cooties; my life as a parasite; our calorie burn rate; everything but the cluck; oxtail stew; chewing the fat.

Interstitial music: nylon-string guitar accompaniment for Jonathan Coulton's song "When You Go" (performed and recorded by Paul).

Part two: on the road again; some positive feedback for the nerd who makes stuff work; vacation days; working from home worked; be nice to the administrators; health care crises; the surgeon that runs away; health care hell; we can't ensure our insurance; our tall dwarf, revisited; de facto health care rationing; in other news; grilled cheese sandwiches; a brief side trip; Eastern Accents, the end of an era; thirteen years ago.

Interstitial music: guitar accompaniment for Jonathan Coulton's song "Shop Vac" (performed and recorded by Paul).

Part three: three steamed pork buns and two cups of ginger tea; tables and chairs; a clean, well-lighted place; on our way home.

Closing music: opening bars of King Crimson's song "Discipline" (performed and recorded by Paul).

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