Friday, August 16, 2013

The Grace and Paul Pottscast, Conversation 9: August 15, 2013

Grace and I bring listeners up to date on our homeschooling, this strange summer of unemployment, and our prospects for the future.

We're in a park; allergy week; autumn in August; homeschooling news; uniforms; a day in the Montessori homeschool life; mourning the metric system; your particular child's cry; a paint-peeling shriek; no Camp Timbers this year; the lost summer; Pippin speaks; when you're out of work, there's no vacation; the wasted year; the last day of unemployment; seven years of retirement savings; the slow process of replacing a job; contract gigs; jobs I can't afford to take; our money picture; selling off the studio; instruments for people to play; working from home; the job market; the housing market; managing a commute; the office is the worst place to get things done; planning for our glorious agrarian future; not much left to sell; what the house is for; the kids remember Ann Arbor; relocation; to be twenty-six with a backpack again; separation from the family; sending money home; make-up sex and celebration babies; some positive things; healthy kids; avoiding debt; we're in great shape in most ways; Paul's nerves are shot; if we're gonna stay here; preservation is maintenance; Montessori materials; Grace's long-term Montessori plans; passionate about the Montessori model; the mainstream model is broken; renting out the house; a remarkable scream; something's got to give; Manhattan; our brood of Amish schoolchildren; making things again; Arduino; getting my soldering merit badge; due in six weeks; stumping for the Smart Car; goodbyes.

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