Wednesday, June 11, 2014

GPP 101: 25 Years of Changing the World

This past weekend I attended my 25-year reunion at the College of Wooster. On Saturday, June 7, 2014, I participated in a panel discussion with fellow members of the class of 1989. The other official panelists were Sam Tumiwa, Bianca Di Salvo, and Shelley Pearsall. Several other folks joined in with their stories after the formal talks. The moderator was Dr. Nancy Grace.

I made this recording with my Olympus LS-10. The quality is not terrific since the gathering was in an outdoor tent, the recorder was simply sitting on the table where the panelists were seated, and some of speakers from the audience did not use the microphones, but it does have a "you are there" quality that you might enjoy, especially if you listen on headphones. The bagpipe clips at the beginning are from an early-morning warm-up outside of Lowry Center, and the start of the reunion parade of classes.

MP3 File


Jay Roadarmel said...

Hi Paul,

Thanks for posting this recording. I wasn't able to attend, but this made me feel like I was there. I really enjoyed each of the speakers, including yourself. I also liked hearing Joshua Bauroth speak.

Jay Roadarmel

Paul Potts said...

You are very welcome Jay -- sorry you couldn't make it this year!