Thursday, June 19, 2014

The Grace and Paul Pottscast, Conversation 10: June 15, 2014

I managed to get a little time with my wife in the garden. In this conversation she gives me an audio tour and explained what is actually in our garden beds, and in the process elucidates the application of permaculture principles to a home garden, and why it looks to the untrained eye like we're just growing a lot of weeds.

A walking tour of our low hugelkultur beds and this year's new raised beds; winter's survivors; our weeds; wild and cultivated strawberries, groundcherries; lettuces; dill; never be tilling; always be mulching; eating living food; leeks; tomatillos; willow; garlic scapes; purslane (pigweed); vitamin C and calcium sources from the northeast; how nature mulches itself; two kinds of clover; our deciduous tree nursery; collaborating with nature; let's see who shows up; smoothies without compromise; training your system to taste natural sweetness; water catchment; cosmos; plantain; annuals for nitrogen fixing; sunflowers; open-source zucchini; radishes; daikon; peas; cucumber; plants to climb and shade each other; nasturtium; considering a beehive; bee balm; mason v. honey; transplanted volunteer tomatoes; hazelnuts; almonds from California; doing things as our budget allows, with salvaged wood; sunflowers and potatoes don't like each other, but maybe the peas can mediate; a big kale party; the potatoes that didn't make it; onions; swiss chard; marigolds; thinning plants; carrots; a closed source zucchini; more lettuces; beets and beet greens; remembrance of growing seasons past; getting our neighbors involved; a typical city lot; a lot of food in a small area; feeding our kids the healthiest food we can find anywhere; Michigan's right-to-farm laws, and their evisceration; Michigan, agricultural powerhouse; Michigan and Ohio wines and beers; hellish monocultural farm-scapes; many kinds of blueberries; a cross between rasberry and blueberry; our flower-shaped flower bed; thyme, lavender, oregano, mint, feverfew, and pink lemonade blueberries; a quick sprint through the flower beds; parenting success days; my favorite person in the whole world; don't judge us by the height of our grass; kill your lawn; little apples; many thanks to Frank.

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Kenneth Knight said...

Intersting stuff Paul. I am still not sure what hugekultur is but some of your trials and tribulations with your gardening projects remind me of issues my parents have had over the years with their meadow and, of late, some trees. They're not into growing their own food like you and Grace but they've seen reactions from many people who think a green space must be a golf-green style lawn.